Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: Avril Lavigne

Hello Lovelies,

I have a confession to make. I love Avril Lavigne. I always have. Her music is fun, catchy, and spunky. I remember in middle school I even tried the tie thing (it did NOT work for me).

Avril has release several CDs since her debut album, “Let Go,” and none have hit me like her first. Her single, “Sk8er Boi” was my jam! I loved her “I don’t give a hell” attitude! It was so refreshing!

Avril Lavigne

Her music video for “Complicated” made me want to go crash a mall (which I was too terrified to do). She was an idol to little pre-teen me.

As I said her music has adapted but I love that she is still the same old Avril. No matter how many years pass I can still find her songs enjoyable and have them transport me back to a time when my biggest worry was whether the cute skater guy liked me back.

I own her albums”Let Go,” “Under My Skin,” and “The Best Damn Thing” but her latest ones haven’t sparked my interested. While I may not enjoy every new song she releases (her song “Hello Kitty” is a bit weird for me) I will say that there is a nostalgia aspect to her music for me that will never go away. She helped shape me into the “punker” I was back in high school. For that I am forever grateful.

Who is your guilty pleasure?



4 thoughts on “Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: Avril Lavigne

  1. I also love the young Avril! I had her first album and it’s one of my favorites. The songs were all good… I dunno why but as she gets older, her lyrics become more shallow. Hehe. I miss her old music…


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