Time Traveling Tuesday: Expensive car names, friendship, and being silly

There are people that come into our lives that make a HUGE impact on who we are and who we will become. Porsche was that person for me.

fairy circle

We met in high school and she developed into more than just a friend. She became my sister. She was there through break ups, illnesses, going off to college, and so much more. We did everything together. People knew that if they were inviting me somewhere they were also inviting Porsche (and vice versa).


When I look back at my high school career I think about Porsche and the relationship we had.

Porsche and I had a falling out during college but I always thought about her and missed her. Again, there are friends that help you become the person you are meant to be and that was Porsche. She was my rock.

It makes me REALLY happy now to say that Porsche and I have re-kindled our friendship and have been chatting constantly. When we talk, she shares her baby preparations (I am going to be an Auntie!! She hasn’t asked me but I assume I get to be an auntie), I tell her about my wedding stuff; we have fallen back into a routine. It makes me really happy to say she will be at my wedding in September. I will truly have all of my loved ones around me on that special day.

I am so happy to have such a special person in my life.



4 thoughts on “Time Traveling Tuesday: Expensive car names, friendship, and being silly

  1. Aww! This made me tear up!!! I feel the same way and of course you’re going to be an auntie to miss Briella. I’ve told her all about you. I read your blog to her today and she kicked me, as if saying she’s excited to meet you…or she wants me to hurry up and feed her some cinnamon toast. But I believe the former. 😀


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