Time Traveling Tuesday: the evil spider that tried to ruin laundry night

As you may know by now I HATE spiders. I think they are evil and basically plotting to kill me. I can tell when they stare at me.

So a few weeks ago I was doing laundry while Fletch was working. It started off as any other laundry night would. I gathered my clothes, started throwing them into the washer, but then something went terribly wrong. An evil, power hungry spider fell from the ceiling and landed on the inside lid of the washing machine. I froze.


I was all alone and didn’t know what to do!! If I threw a shoe at the demon spawn it might fall off and into the washing machine housing my clothes. Then I would have spider clothes! Not an option.

I began texting my friend Sarah because I hoped she would come over. She ended up walking me through trying to kill the spider. Sarah is much braver than I. She will grab a spider in mid-air and smash him with her bare hands. I scream a little when she does it.

Do one thing that scares you

Here are a few of the texts between Sarah and I.

text with Sarah

text with Sarah2

So there I was, trying to maneuver a towel over the hole of the washing machine to prevent him from falling in. After the towel was in place I grabbed a flip flop and hurled it towards the lid. I then ran away for fear of any jumping on his part.

After I regained my composure I went back to find that the spider had fallen off the lid and onto the edge of the towel. I then folded the towel onto itself and then pushed it off, onto the floor. I ran away again. I am seriously terrified of spiders. They make me cry.

After again regaining my composure I went back with big boots on to stomp ALL over the towel. As I stomped I let out a little noise kind of like, “EEEEEEE”.

When Fletch got home I made him go check for the dead body.

It was terrifying. This whole thing lasted about 20 minutes because I kept having to take breaks. It was not my proudest moment.

What are you afraid of?



13 thoughts on “Time Traveling Tuesday: the evil spider that tried to ruin laundry night

  1. Your story reminds me of one of my closest friends. We lived together for a few years in college/law school, and it wasn’t unusual for me to hear her scream bloody murder because she spotted a spider on the other side of the room, haha. We’d have to coax the cat to attack it!

    Also, there is nothing more terrifying in life than a snake.


    • I’ve had a few experiences where spiders have crawled right next to me while going to the bathroom. That should be a safe space!! Right now my fiance takes care of the little critters for me.

      I can’t do snakes. I don’t understand how people can have them as pets.


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