The world is moving forward and hopefully in the right direction

I feel glorious

Today I stumbled upon Colbie Caillat’s new song, “Try”. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it is. The video shows Caillat, along with women of all ages, removing their makeup and embracing their beauty. It is truly wonderful. It makes me so happy to find so many body positive songs out there. It just makes me happy. I hope that society is moving towards becoming a more accepting place. A place where your unique features are embraced and appreciated instead of being ridiculed.

I then heard John Legend’s song, “You & I” and was again excited for the future of our society. I don’t know much about John Legend but this song is wonderful. Similar to the previous song the video features women of all different ages but this video they are staring into the mirror, analyzing their bodies. As you can imagine by the end of the video they are smiling and it appears as though they are seeing their beauty.

I am so incredibly excited to be hearing and seeing so much body positive media out there.

Some day I want to have kids. If I have a daughter I hope she is brought into a world that encourages women to reach for the stars and tells them that they are more than their body. I want to bring a son into a world that respects women and understands that she has the right to decide what she does with her body and loves every inch of his partner for their beauty, inside and out.

I have so much hope for the future. What about you?



6 thoughts on “The world is moving forward and hopefully in the right direction

  1. This is so encouraging! I’ve been obsessed with “Try” since I saw the video, but hadn’t heard of the other. Thanks for the positivity!


    • I am glad you liked it! If you want something a little for upbeat and dancey check out Meghan Trainor’s song “all about that bass”. It is body positive and makes you want to dance. 🙂


  2. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure this out. What a waist of valuable time, hating instead of loving and acceptance. You’re a smart woman!


  3. Aw!! I absolutely loved this post and John Legend’s video!!!! =) This is such a great message and it made me think about how hard I am on myself. I think when I look into the mirror most days, I am not 100% happy with my looks. I know the face I make, too! lol
    I need to change the way I view myself and be in love with my looks, because it’s what makes me, me!! ❤ Thanks for posting this! I wish there was more positive sayings and role models when I was growing up. I'm glad this is here for whenever we do have daughters (or female family members!)

    have a sweet day, Hilary!!


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