Fun day taking photos with Justin!

Hello Lovelies,

My friend, Justin, and I love spending days walking around, snapping photos. Over the weekend we found a fun field and took some photos. Here are the awesome photos Justin took of me.

Hilary Grass 4

HIlary Grass 3

Hilary Grass

He did well, right?

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Shorts/ASOS   Shirt/Forever 21   Shoes/Aldos   Sunglasses/Thrifted

 Here are some of my snapshots.


Justin taking photos


What do you like to do on your weekends?

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4 thoughts on “Fun day taking photos with Justin!

  1. Let’s see how this works for me this time!! I like/love to do anything outdoors on a sunny day, but my very best treat is kayaking because it is an adventure where ever you are! Last weekend was spent on Hood River exploring the Bonneville Dam, fish hatchery, and of course kayaked on the Columbia. Yesterday went fishing and crabby on Commencement with my son and two grandsons (aged 6 and 9), result? 5 dogfish and 3 crab, a REAL adventure for everyone. Your photos are lovely, especially like the one laying in the grass. Was it itchy???


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