The Aquabats Concert!!

Hello Lovelies,

I wanted to tell you about the AMAZING concert Fletch and I went to on Thursday. We went up to Seattle and saw Koo Koo Kangaroo and The Aquabats.

Fletch and I had a great time driving up to Seattle for the show. We spent the 45 minute drive chatting about Fletch’s grad school program and our plans for the wedding. It was pretty productive!

driving to Seattle

We finally arrived!! I had to snap a photo of the venue sign.

Showbox sign

The opening band, Koo Koo Kangaroo, was amazing!! They were really interactive and a ton of fun!

Koo Koo Kangaroo

They had a webcam set up at their merch booth so we took a photo while waiting to buy some sweet shirts from The Aquabats.

Koo Koo cam

Then it was time for The Aquabats!! I couldn’t believe it!! I skanked, I jumped, and all around had a great time dancing!! By the end of the show my dress was SOAKED!

The Aquabats Their final song was, “Pool Party.” I couldn’t believe it! They brought all of the little kids up on stage while they played and sent floaty toys out into the crowd.

Pool Party

It was truly the best show I have EVER been to. I can not stress enough how wonderful it was. If you have a chance to see The Aquabats live then you should definitely do it!



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