A Few Of My Favorite Things: Camera Collection

Hello Lovelies,

By now you may know that I have a pretty extensive camera collection. It has grown and grown for the last two years and has developed into a collection that has taken over our home. I have cameras in my bedroom, hallway, and living room. When you live in a one bedroom apartment that is pretty much every room, with the exception of the bathroom but you wouldn’t want to keep them there for fear of mold.

So, I thought I should share a bit more about my collection! My cameras are some of my most prized possessions. I’ve already tried to make the hard decision of who would be saved if there was an emergency situation. My cameras are like my children to me. They are all special  and each one has a different meaning/memory associated with it.

I won’t go into too much detail on each camera because 1. it would take too long and 2. then I wouldn’t be able to devote individual posts to them!
So here goes.

side table

The table next to my desk. Three cameras along with a little paper cutout of a camera.


There is a cute little guy on my desk. My friend, Sarah, gave him to me when she learned about my collection. She also collects!

bedroom shelf

This little beautiful guy was a gift from my best friend, Amber.


Another gift from my amazing friend, Amber! That camera looks great with all of my Doctor Who stuff.

camera collection main area

The majority of my collection lives here.

book shelf top shelf

The top shelf holds all of my new-ish cameras.

book shelf 2nd shelf

The second shelf holds some of my older cameras.

book shelf 3rd shelf

The third shelf houses my 1950s and 1960s cameras (for the most part).

book shelf bottom shelf

The very bottom is where my Polaroids live. I also have my slide film container stored there.

photo booth cart

My photo booth cart houses my typewriter, Fuji Instax camera, and other little trinkets that won’t fit on my bookshelf.

photo booth middle shelf

There is my beautiful Minolta, a gift from my parents, and my Brownie, a gift from Meagan. There are other cameras behind them that you can’t see.

photo booth cart bottom shelf

Check out that AMAZING Canon bag! I found that at the Goodwill for $2! This area holds my camera bags. There are more in storage. I just ran out of space.

As you can see cameras have kind of taken over. What I love about my cameras is that, for the most part, they have lived lives before me. They were loved by another family. They created beautiful photos for other photography lovers. I hope that I can help them live on so that maybe they can go on to another loving family one day. For now I will continue to dust them and take them out for photo shoots.

I know it may seem a bit over the top but understand that they bring me great joy.

What do you do for fun? Do you have a collection?




9 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things: Camera Collection

  1. What a great collection. I love old cameras, all types of vintage stuff really, and own a couple but not as a collection. Know what you mean about history. My big thing is old cooking and dining items…I can’t pass up a jelly mould, funky coffee set or punch bowl 🙂


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