Time Traveling Tuesday: Warped Tour 2005

I’ve always loved going to concerts. I’ve written about my love for shows before, here, here, and here, but this was different. This was my first music festival. Growing up in Alaska means that concerts aren’t frequent and when bands finally do come it is after they hit it big and have faded from the limelight. That is why I saw an opportunity to go to Warped Tour and took it! I had been wanting to visit my sister in Florida and when we were looking at dates Warped Tour happened to fall perfectly in the timeframe we were looking at. So, I asked my sister if we could go and she said yes! I was sixteen and beyond thrilled.

All of my favorite bands would be there!! The main two being Fall Out Boy and Hellogoodbye. My best friend, Jory, went on the trip with me and shared my love for music. We were ecstatic to be able to attend this awesome festival that had occupied our dreams for years!

We arrived at the festival a few hours after the start. The first thing we did was check the schedule. I immediately looked for Fall Out Boy and Hellogoodbye’s stage and time. That is when I realized that Fall Out Boy had canceled for the day and that Hellogoodbye had already played. I was bummed. I won’t deny that. I wanted to see those bands sooooooo badly!

I have a list of shows I want to see before I die. That list includes Something Corporate, The Aquabats, The Starting Line, and of course, Fall Out Boy and Hellogoodbye. How was I going to mark them off of my list?!

There was nothing I could do so I decided to find the other bands I enjoyed and see as many as possible. That day I met Amber Pacific, met and watched Action Action, saw Relient K, Boys Night Out, The Offspring, and so much more. It was wonderful and I had an amazing time!!

I remember walking up to the tent for Amber Pacific and being SO exciting because they had an EP I couldn’t find anywhere in Alaska. I had never even looked at photos of the band so while I was small talking with the merch guy I asked, “so, do you know the band?” That is when he told me that he was in the band and so was all of the other guys in the tent. I nearly flipped my lid! So we got a photo and they signed my shirt! EEK!


Jory and I with Amber Pacific

I am so very thankful to my sister for taking my sixteen year-old self to this festival. Moments like this and visiting my brother in Seattle made me realize that there was more out there and that I needed to get out of Alaska.

I had such a wonderful time and still look back at my photos with joy and excitement.



2 thoughts on “Time Traveling Tuesday: Warped Tour 2005

  1. Warped Tour 2005 in what was it, Pompano Beach, FL at the time? That was my first music festival! I remember waiting in line to meet Amber Pacific and flailing when I got my photo..that was definitely a good year and like you it opened a whole other world of shows to me.


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