Pin of the Week: It’s ok to admit you’re being ridiculous

It's ok to admit you're being ridiculousI know that I over react sometimes. I let silly little things get to me. I get worked up and I allow myself to get upset over trivial things. I hate when I do that! I saw this very simple image on Pinterest and thought, “dangit Pinterest. Another time when you tell me exactly what I needed to hear (or see).”

Wedding stuff has been rocky and it is mostly because I let myself get upset over stupid things that don’t matter. What someone wears and how the table is set up doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the people I love the most are there to help celebrate our love and our commitment to each other.

I let silly stuff at work get to me and it makes me unhappy. Someone not understanding how something works and having to explain it 20 times isn’t a big deal. What matters is if I helped them or not. What matters to me is being able to go home and have a lovely evening with my family.

So, why do I let these things upset me? Why do I allow myself to be ridiculous? To be honest I am not sure. What I need to do is practice the art of looking at a situation and acknowledging that I am frustrated then let it go and move on. I need to step back and admit I am being ridiculous. Then, I need to get over it.

Do you do this sometimes or am I the only one?




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