My Refurbished Side Table!

Hello Lovelies!!

Last weekend I decided to buy a side table for my new desk at home and to spruce it up! I love painting furniture fun colors because I feel like it reflects my personality well.

My dear friend, Jessica, and I went to an antique store and found this cute little table to beautify.

Painting my side table was pretty easy. Here is what it looked like before.


Not the cutest thing ever but I had a vision!

This is what I used:
1. Sanding Sponge
2. Drop cloth
3. Spray Paint
4. a small towel

I sanded this baby down and got to work! I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Lilac which is a primer and paint in one! So handy!

After I sanded the table I wiped off all of the residue. Then it was time to paint!

Painted Side Table

After three coats she was done. I couldn’t wait for it to dry! I wanted to place it in its new home! That night Fletch helped me bring it in to finish drying. I spent the next day deciding where it would go and moving things around to make it fit.

This is what I ended up with.

Finished product

I decorated it with my amazing vintage radio and camera and I put a few of my favorite books underneath to add some character. I used two vintage cameras as bookends.

Close up

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!



13 thoughts on “My Refurbished Side Table!

  1. I love painting furniture, its like breathing new life in to something. The color is perfect, esp with the bright blue chair. I’ve always wanted to use Brownie cameras as bookends..The radio and cameras just add such a cute retro vibe ❤


    • Thank you, Delores! I have so many cameras that I now have fun finding new uses for them! The radio I bought as a prop for our wedding (I mostly used that as an excuse to buy it). I am really excited about my little work space! The next step is to get my own office!


  2. Super cute!!! I love the color!! I’m currently staining/painting a dresser/changing table for Briella. It’s so fun minus!!! If you know of cute dresser knobs that are pink or feminine. Let me know!!! I’m knob hunting.


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