Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: Wandering Past

Hello Lovelies!

I would like to share a blog that I really enjoy with you today.
Please meet the lovely and wonderful Delores from Wandering Past.

Delores Outfit 1
Have you ever met someone and thought, “Dang. You seem pretty cool and I bet you would be totally fun to hang out with.” Well, that is the impression I get from Delores.

Delores Shoes

She digs Doctor Who, which wins her like a million brownie points in my book, she wears the cutest clothes, and she studies photography! Her blog is filled with all of the things I love; geekery, fashion, DIY projects, and much more.

Delores Outfit 2

If you have a few moments I definitely recommend you stop by her blog. Trust me on this one.

Don’t worry. You can thank me later. Now go forth and enjoy Wandering Past.



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