Time Traveling Tuesday: Injuring Myself in Texas

I’ve only been to Texas once. I took a trip with my family and my best friend, Porsche came along. We had a great time touring around and even saw the Alamo. I will say that my favorite part was trying to find ghosts at the Alamo with Porsche and my mother. It was hilarious.


IMG_3243 But I digress. You probably want to hear how I got injured. It is an injuring that haunts me to this day. We were driving, I can’t remember where, when my parents decided to stop at a gas station. They either needed gas or snacks. Maybe both. Porsche and I didn’t want anything from inside so we stayed in the car. My parents were taking FOREVER so Porsche and I decided that music was in order. I jumped out of the car and ran into the gas station after my parents. I grabbed the keys from my father and ran back to the rental car. I swung open the door and smacked myself in the face with the edge of the door. I received a black eye and a big cut near my eyebrow. I still have that scar to this day.


I thought the whole situation was hilarious. I just couldn’t wait to listen to music and I ended up hitting myself in the face.


Life is funny that way. If you rush into something you may not get what you want out of the situation. Instead you may get smacked in the face and walk out of it scarred. Maybe I shouldn’t have rushed.



2 thoughts on “Time Traveling Tuesday: Injuring Myself in Texas

  1. Oh no!! That looks like it hurt soo bad!!! =( At least you’re okay, though!! btw, I LOVE your new header and page!!!!!


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