Time Traveling Tuesday: The Best Thing I Ever Found in a Bar

When I left to study abroad in London I was nervous. I didn’t really know anyone and I was worried I wouldn’t make any friends. I am a relatively independent person but I was not sure if I could go off traveling by myself. I knew that if I wanted to have a full experience I would need to make friends.

After arriving in London I quickly made friends with a few ladies from my travel abroad group. They were nice, fun, and wanted to do a ton of site seeing. I was totally down!

I had a great time going around town with the girls but I quickly found out that we weren’t going to be friends forever. One of the girls wasn’t very nice and I wasn’t going to be dealing with that while on a trip of a lifetime. But I digress.

I needed new friends and class was my best bet. I found a fellow American in my Music and Identity class. He was called Pat and seemed pretty cool! He was a part of a different travel abroad program and had members of his group located in central London. He told me that he regularly traveled into town to meet his friends and that I should come along. Again, I was ready to get out there and meet some people. A few days later Pat and I were on the tube making our trip into London. We were all meeting at the Baker Street campus student bar.


It was a lot of fun! That was the night I met Steph. I absolutely adored, and still adore, her. She was wonderful! We always had a great time together.

We traveled together to Paris.

Steph and Hil Paris

Moulin Rouge

To Amsterdam.

black n white hil n stephTo Rome.

Steph and Hil Rome


We also toured around London together getting into trouble.

hil and steph

Hanging in my room

Crossing Abbey Road

Crossing Abbey Road

Abbey Road signing

Signing the wall outside the studio

We created a lot of really great memories together. I previously told you about my trip to Hever and how Steph helped me make my train. The night before we had gone out for drinks and stayed over at her place in town. I woke up 30 minutes before I had to be at the train station. This proves how good of a friend Steph is. I brushed my teeth while she curled my hair. She let me borrow some clothes for the day too because my outfit from the previous night was not really travel appropriate. For my makeup I pretty much used Q-tips to wipe away the excess eyeliner from the night before and called it good. It was Steph’s help that made it possible for me to go on that day trip. That was the fastest I had ever gotten ready.

Steph and I had a great time together and I know that no matter where we may end up that we will forever have those memories. I will always remember the friendship we forged and the pints we drank.

Love always.



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