Lions, tigers, and bears.. Oh my goodness a buffalo is chasing us!

A few weekends ago I went on a little adventure with my friend, Jessica, and her two kids to Sequim. We drove through the Olympic Game Farm and had a very thrilling time. Seriously. I never thought that driving down a road where animals are just walking around would be as scary as this was. I will go ahead and walk you through our day.

We set off early in the morning on Saturday. Making sure I was up and cute by 8am was not my favorite but we were able to grab coffee and that woke me up a bit.


So we set off on our two hour journey, coffee in hand. The kids were distracted with their electronic devices and Jessica and I caught up about life, love, and, of course, wedding planning stuff. Before we knew it we were at our destination. Driving up the the Olympic Game Farm we saw hand-painted signs that made us question our decision. It wasn’t until we started on the driving course that we realized we were right where we should be.

We stopped for a short potty break before starting the tour and saw a few animals.

feeding the animals

After the much needed break we were on our way. Animals surrounded the car and, to be honest, kind of freaked me out. They were like coming into the car! I mean, respect my space animals! Am I right?

Hil feeding animal


Jessica feeding animal


waving bear

mirror pic


We saw many animals, all harmless, that is until we drove by the buffalo. Jessica decided that it would be a good idea to feed one of the buffalo. What ensued was 10 minutes of terror and hilarious reactions from Jessica.

buffalo chasing Jessica

The buffalo started running along the side of the car. That is when Jessica freaked out a bit. I yelled, “why did you feed it?! Don’t you know they are territorial?!” Then the buffalo head butted the driver side mirror.Jessica terrified

Jessica’s response was amazing. “Don’t look him in the eye! Roll up your windows! Don’t look at him!”

buffalo on my side

The buffalo then began to run along my side of the car and by this point I am laughing. The buffalo kept switching between my side and Jessica’s until it finally got tired. I never realized that this would be so exciting!

After the buffalo incident things calmed down before coming to an end.

We finished off the day in Port Angeles with a yummy lunch and a delicious crepe from a local creperie. It was AMAZING!

crepe place


Overall it was an amazing day filled with fun, fear, and lots of laughing.

Jessica and I



4 thoughts on “Lions, tigers, and bears.. Oh my goodness a buffalo is chasing us!

    • It was a ton of fun!! When Leidy is a bit older I think he would love it! Just don’t feed the buffalo. I actually bought that flower crown from Forever 21! I’ve made a few though with fake flowers. 🙂


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