I Could Be The Next Green Arrow

I am fortunate enough to have a job that acknowledges and rewards great work. I have very felt more valued at a job.

With that said my department was recently rewarded with a fun activity of our choosing. We threw a lot of ideas out there, most involving heights which I do NOT mess with, and the option that stuck was archery. It was daring but on the ground.

The plan was in motion and all there was to do was wait. Wait until the wonderful day came that we would leave work an hour early so we could get dinner then go to archery. I’ll admit that I was skeptical. I didn’t know what to expect!

I got all dolled up for the day, as I do most days, and I wore a nice comfy dress for the range. Gotta be comfortable if I am going to be killing some targets!

Archery Day

We had an amazing meal at a restaurant 10 minutes away from the range then went off to the archery range for the safety class. Let me tell you. After listening to the instructor tell us all the different ways we could injure ourselves or others I was ready to walk away. I did NOT sign up to die.

Everyone else in our group seemed confident so I pulled myself together and also faked my confidence.

Here is the set up at the archery range. They assign you a set of three arrows, you pick a bow, you step up to a line and they tell you when to shoot.

I stepped up in my mint green dress from Modcloth and took aim at the monkey target. I wanted blood. I aimed and…. shot over the wall.

Shooting an arrow

I wasn’t the best with my aim but I had a great time! I was so excited the first time I hit the target that I was jumping around. One of the regulars said, “come on everyone. She got the target! Give her a hand.” Then everyone clapped for me! It was pretty dang exciting!

BadAI would definitely recommend getting out there and trying out archery. I hope to take Fletch sometime soon!

Have a great day!



10 thoughts on “I Could Be The Next Green Arrow

  1. I did archery sometimes during recess in Intermediate school as a kid. Which, now that I think about it that was kind of an odd and dangerous activity for a bunch of crazy pre-middle schoolers, but it was so much fun! I love your dress. That color is gorgeous.


    • While archery during recess sounds fun I agree that it may have been a bit dangerous. I am glad you enjoyed it though!! Thank you for the compliment on the dress! I bought it from my favorite store, Modcloth!!


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