Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: “The Goonies”

One of my favorite movies by far is, “The Goonies.” This movie has action, adventure, drama, romance, and comedy; everything I could ever want from film.

The Goonies



The neighborhood of Mikey Walsh and his friends is in danger of being turned into a golf course unless they can find a way to raise enough money to stop the construction. It seems as though hope is lost until Mikey stumbles upon a mysterious map leading to the famous One-Eyed Willy’s treasure. The kids, known as the goonies, decides to head off to find the treasure and save the neighborhood. From there mayhem and adventure ensue.

Fletch and I are big fans of this movie and even took a trip over to Astoria, Oregon to visit a few of the filming locations for our anniversary. The town is absolutely beautiful. We visited the jail that the bad guys break out of in the beginning and we visited the Walsh house. A very nice woman lives there and gives tours of the house.


This is the map replica I bought in town when we were visiting the jail, now the Oregon Film Museum where you can learn all about the different movies shot in Oregon.

For now I leave you with a song inspired by this wonderful movie.



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