My Amazing Pen Pal!

Hello Lovelies!

Today I would like to tell you about my new pen pal!! She is wonderful, kind, thoughtful, and an all around sweet person. It is Christina from Lifebeinggirly! We have only started writing but I always look forward to receiving her letters.

Pen Pals

Let me tell you about how it all started. I was cruising Instagram, as I do, and I saw that Christina had just bought stamps. Being the chatter that I am I commented on her photo and told her how much I enjoy mail. After a few comments back and forth we decided that we should become pen pals. We have been connecting for a while now via social media and I was excited to learn more about Christina.

So here we are. Two cards in and I can’t wait for what the future holds. I am always buying stuff online, partially because I love shopping, and I fear that part of it is because I love coming home to a surprise. Maybe our pen paling will lead to me shopping less.

Who knows. Either way I am excited and look forward to more letters!



4 thoughts on “My Amazing Pen Pal!

  1. Aw, YAY!!! I love this post and you as my penpal!!!!! It really does make the day sweeter in hoping that I get a letter from you! I can totally see this cutting down (slightly) on your online shopping….but if not, it’s okay cause who doesn’t love online shopping? Besides my husband and my credit card?! LOL!

    Till next letter!! ❤ ❤


    • I just got your last letter! It made me so very happy! I will say that so far it has not cut back on my online shopping.. I just bought 4 dresses. Luckily I had credit at a few stores so I only paid for two 🙂


      • YAY!!! I’m glad you liked it!
        As for less online shopping, getting cute dresses in the mail cannot be beat! I’m happy to add to your happiness when you get stuff in the mail! ❤


      • Christina you are too sweet! You definitely add to my happiness when I get your letters. I will be sharing my new dresses too as soon as I get them (if they fit). Cross your fingers!


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