My Evening at the Twin Forks Concert

I recently told you about a band I’ve recently fallen in love with: Twin Forks. They are amazing!! A week ago I had the opportunity to see them in concert. The whole evening was magical. First let me fill you in on how I learned about them.

One night Fletch came home from work to tell me that a friend of his, named Shawn, was in a new band. The band was going on tour and one of their stops was Seattle. He continued to tell me that the band is Chris Carrabba’s, of Dashboard Confessional, new band. That is when I began to freak out a bit. This is how the conversation went after that.

Me: “He is coming here? Can I meet him? Can we get a photo?
Fletch: “I’m not sure. Maybe?”
Me: “Are you going to ask your friend? AHHHHHH. I am freaking out!”
Fletch: “I wouldn’t expect anything.”
Me: “Can I ask your friend? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!”

I pretty much acted like a child. Looking back I feel a bit bad but oh well. What is done is done. So, I bought our tickets, invited a few friends, and patiently waited for the day to see one of my all time favorite artists in his new band. The day could not come soon enough.

The day finally arrived and Fletch had to work until 4pm. Fletch came home, we enjoyed a quick meal, and watched the last episode of “Moone Boy.” We left for the show around 6:30pm. And so the adventure began.

Driving to the concert was interesting. The weather changed about every 15 minutes between sunshine and rain. I decided to document the entire journey.

Driving to Twin Forks

We saw a double rainbow so that was pretty cool.

Double Rainbow

We arrived a bit early and had to stand in a line for a while. I had to pee pretty badly but wasn’t sure when the doors would open so I danced back and forth to keep the urge at bay. It worked alright. I also saw these stickers while we waited that made me think of Christina from Lifebeinggirly. (Shout out!)

Hello Kitty Stickers

It wasn’t long before our friends joined us in line. We joked around to pass the time. Before we knew it, it was time to go in.
The first thing I did when I got inside was use the restroom. It was glorious. The next thing I did was visit the merch booth. I was surprised to see that Chris Carrabba was there signing CDs and chatting with fans. I nearly fainted I was so ecstatic! AHH!!
I patiently waited in line for my opportunity to meet the musical artist I had dreamed of meeting since I was 15 years old. I remember a time when I would cuddle my pillow, cry, and listen to “Screaming Infidelities” on repeat. His music had been there when I felt lonely and sad. I turned to his lyrics when I didn’t have the right words to express my feelings.

While standing in line, Fletch found his friend, Shawn. Shawn was very nice and seemed excited to be able to catch up with Fletch. Fletch and Shawn continued to chat while I tried to remain calm. I mostly made small talk with the fellow fan-girls around me. We were all freaking out a bit.

I stepped up and introduced myself to Chris. He took my CD and asked my name. That is when Shawn stepped forward and told Chris that I was with Fletch, an old friend. I nearly screamed. Yup. That is right. I am with Fletch and Fletch knows Shawn. I am the coolest right now. At least, that is how I felt.

I continued to remain calm and then asked for a photo.

Chris Carrabba

I thanked him for his time and walked away trying not to show how excited I truly was. We found our friends and I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. This couldn’t be real. I dreamed of the day I would meet Chris Carrabba for years. I always thought it was just a silly dream. BUT IT HAPPENED! I then proceeded to rub it in to my friends. I couldn’t control myself.

Next was their set. They were amazing. They were fun, energetic, and passionate. All things I look for in a band.

Twin Forks2

Twin Forks

I danced the entire time and had a very sweaty back by the end. It was pretty gross. (Was that too much to share? I guess that information demonstrates that I like to get down and have a good time. That is good, right?)

We finished off the night by buying a beer for Shawn and saying our farewells. It truly was an incredible night and I will treasure it forever.

I look forward to hearing more from this band and I hope I can see them perform again someday.

Last thoughts:

So, I just recently got a Twitter account. That is why this is so exciting for me. Twin Forks retweeted my photo from the show!!! That is right. I am pretty popular.




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