Pin of the Week: Be a Little Bit Kinder

Hello Lovelies, Today I have a mission for you. It is something that I am continuously working on myself. Be a Little Bit Kinder Be a little kinder than necessary. Ask your barista how they are doing. If you see someone crying lend them a shoulder. If we all try to be just a little bit kinder then maybe we can make the world a more loving place. Going out of your way to be a little bit kinder can not only positively affect the lives of others but it can also improve your own life. I remember the day I found out that I needed to start looking for a new job.

My employer could no longer afford to keep me on. I was devastated. They always acted like we were one big family. I guess I was the family member that could be let go. I did my best to hold in my sadness but couldn’t keep the tears back. I sobbed uncontrollably for a good 30minutes. I was in the bathroom trying to clean myself up when a legal assistant from another law office walked in. It was obvious that I had been crying and I could see the concern in her eyes. She asked me if I was alright and then I started crying again. She gave me a big hug and asked what had happened. I told her about my situation and how I didn’t know what I was going to do. She held my shoulders, stared into my eyes, and said, “you will be alright and you will find a new job.” Simple enough but it was exactly what I needed to hear. This stranger took an interest in me and did her best to ease my pain. It was that little interaction that resulted in me getting control of myself and finding an amazing job filled with wonderful people.

What do you think? Do you think that being a little kinder than necessary would help make the world a better place? signature


7 thoughts on “Pin of the Week: Be a Little Bit Kinder

  1. I love this! I struggle with being friendly and kind to strangers, just because I normally am very quiet and keep to myself. I definitely need to remember more often, that simple kind gestures do mean something c:


    • I agree. It is too easy to get stuck in our comfort zone. I do the same thing! I see someone crying and I think, maybe I should see if they are alright. Instead of going over I walk away. I go on with my day. This is definitely something I am trying to do better with but acknowledging that I need to improve allows me to acknowledge situations where I can do good for others. I hope you are having a great day, Delores!! I always love hearing from you!


  2. What a nice woman to do that!! =) If I were to see someone crying, I would want to at least ask if she’s okay. I’m sorry to hear about your job, Hilary! It was completely okay to cry and be upset about it, but also good to hear that you are able to brush off the old job, and into another job. =)

    I love how people, even strangers, come into our lives for even just a minute but makes a huge impact. It’s like an angel looking out for us that sends certain people to us when needed. Thanks for sharing this story and I do agree we need more people like this in the world to be a better place!! ❤


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