Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: “Flakes”

One of my favorite movies is, FlakesIt is a bit alternative and has a fun and interesting plot.


Neal Downs is an aspiring artist working at a local cereal bar. Yes a cereal bar. They sell all types of cereal including discontinued brands. Miss Pussy Katz, a fashion forward artist dating Neal, is concerned that Neal has become a cereal guy doing music on the side instead of an artist that happens to work at a cereal place. When a competing franchise opens up across the street drama and fun ensues.

I love this movie and can’t get enough of it! I happened to see the DVD at Blockbuster one night when I needed a lady night. When Blockbuster was going out of business I made sure to buy it immediately.

Check it out and tell me what you think!



One thought on “Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: “Flakes”

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