Time Traveling Tuesday: Entertaining the Masses Pt. I

When I was a kid I dreamed of performing and being on stage. I loved entertaining. I would stand in front of my family, little pink microphone in my hand with its matching cassette player at my side, singing Michael Jackson at the top of my lungs. Being in front of people excited me.

Little Hilary

Here I am being all cute for the camera.

Little Hilary 2

Yes, I was a child model.


When I got a little bit older, eight or nine, I started singing lessons. I competed in competitions and sang at local events. I never won. I didn’t take it seriously enough. I also didn’t really like my coach. He was this big, burley man that, when teamed up with my mother, had me swinging my long, down to my waist hair all over the place. It made me self conscious! I remember one competition. I was singing, “Blame it on the Weatherman,” by B*Witched. There is this one part of the song that my teacher wanted me to stand right in the front of the stage and sing, “The rain goes ONNNNNNNNNN,” while spinning my head in a circle like some crazed headbanger. Instead of taking it seriously I laughed. I started singing and laughed during the head twirl. I sang, “The rain goes ONHAHANNNHANNHA.” It was pretty bad.

After that performance I decided to separate from my coach and move on. As I got older, and watched my singing performances again, I realized that I wasn’t the best singer. I had one thing going for me. I could memorize song lyrics in a pinch. After one listen through I had most of the lyrics memorized and I would proudly sing along. It is both a gift and a curse when you can’t hit a note to save your life.

I always envisioned myself entertaining the masses with my beautiful voice. It wasn’t until college that I realized that I had other interests. I had other opportunities to do what I enjoyed.

This is a two parter so stay tuned for next week’s continuation!!  Trust me, it is good.



3 thoughts on “Time Traveling Tuesday: Entertaining the Masses Pt. I

  1. Ah I was the same – I got home from school everyday and screeched the lyrics to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours all the way through…no idea how my mother put up with it! B*witched is a seriously good choice, although it’s understandable your life’s veered away from it haha – c’est la vie! Also great childhood photos going on, especially the sassy snapback look! X


    • That is so funny!! I sang a lot of B*witched, Aqua, and Spice Girls when I was younger. I still do!! Those photos are hilarious. It was a modeling shoot so they had me in a ton of different outfits. Luckily modeling lasted for a very brief time during my childhood. P.s. I really enjoy your blog!


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