Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: Frozen

Hello lovelies!

I am really into the movie, Frozen right now. I’ve only watched it once but once was enough to get every song stuck in my head.

I am totally that person that starts singing, “Do you want to build a snowman?” at random.

At first I liked the movie alright. It wasn’t my favorite but I didn’t dislike it. Fast-forward to now, you can find me singing “Summer” by Olaf at all times of the day. Heck, I am listening to it right now, lip-syncing along because I am on my lunch at work and don’t want to be caught singing.

So yeah. Now I love it. The songs are catchy and memorable. The characters are fun and Olaf is the best. Sure. He looks a bit weird but that is part of his charm! Plus he is just hilarious.



Besides the hilarious demeanor of Olaf, the characters Anna and Elsa are wonderful in their own ways! Anna is an optimistic, free-spirit that just wants to build a snowman with her sister. Elsa is the older sister that has some pretty awesome powers but hides due to fear of putting those around her in danger.

One of the BIG reasons I enjoy this movie, besides the others I already listed, is the fact that everyone gives Anna a hard time about falling in love too fast. This is quiet different from previous princess movies that feature princesses that primarily focus on finding their truelove.

Here is a fun parody video from the Youtube channel AVbyte that shows off Elsa’s independence compared to other Disney princesses. I think this video is pretty fun.

Now, I don’t want you to think I don’t like Disney princesses. That is not true at all. I just recognize that they may be a bit old fashioned. Times are changing and I am excited to see Disney updating their princess formula. Tangled is a great example of a strong, independent princess too.

What did you think of Frozen? Love it? Hate it? Tell me about it! I would love to hear about your opinion!



7 thoughts on “Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: Frozen

  1. I heard one of the songs at a work conference without the context of seeing the film, and then I saw a scene of it and was a bit on the fence about it. But after watching it, I was hooked! I love how they slightly mock the idea of marrying someone they just met! Also it has Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in it too! X


  2. I LOVED Frozen!!!!! =) Olaf’s song is my FAVORITE as well as Do you want to build a snowman? =)We can sing it together!! lol. I enjoyed that the story wasn’t the same old Disney story with “true loves kiss” blah blah blah, and that it was an act of true love of sisterhood/family that overcame all. I’m obsessed with this movie and I absolutely loved that video you posted of all the princesses. I never really care for Aurora, btw! There! I said it!!!! lol. Do you watch Once upon a time?? Aurora is really pathetic in the show so maybe that’s why I don’t like her!! lol


    • Yes! I love Frozen too! And I totally watch Once Upon a Time! I am glad you admitted that you didn’t like Aurora. I didn’t even know her name until a few years ago because she is my least favorite Disney princess.


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