My Blogging Journey!

I began my journey into blogging while studying abroad. I kept a blog as a way to inform my friends and family about my trip. I loved reflecting on my adventures and writing out all of my sweet memories.


Touring around London

Upon my arrival back to the states I tried my hand at blogging again. I started my blog, “Videos of Cookies.” The idea being that I could write about anything. I quickly lost interest and took a break from blogging. During that time I started collecting cameras. I became very interested in lomography but had a hard time finding reviews on the cameras I was interested in. That is how “Cutie Cameras” got started. I began sharing the photos I had taken, sharing the pros and cons to the cameras and discussing my love for photography.


A photo taken with my Holga

I’ve learned that, while photography is a big passion of mine, I was interested in writing about more. I wanted to share DIY tutorials, hair tips, pop culture reviews, and fashion. I wanted to talk about more than just cameras and I am glad I branched out. I was starting to lose interest in blogging and by expanding my topics I rekindled the spark that I once held for blogging.

My tutorial for no heat waves!

My tutorial for no heat waves!

I continue to call myself and the blog “Cutie Cameras” because it is an homage to my beginning. It reminds me to always appreciate the beauty in the world and to capture every moment I can, whether that be in words or photos.


This is me being silly

So now I write about everything that interests me. I write about my passions.

How did you get started?



4 thoughts on “My Blogging Journey!

  1. This was a nice post, its important to honor our humble beginnings c:
    I got started as a way of just further expressing my love of fashion and just exploring other means of expression. I go to art school, but so much of my time is spent solely on photography that I wanted to be able to make connections with people and tap in to these different interests of mine.


    • Thank you for sharing! I think that blogging can be a great way to further explore interests. For example, I would love to start doing more outfit posts but first I need to find someone to take the photos. I really enjoy reading your blog. Your love for fashion really shines through! By the way I really enjoy your header. I was thinking of finding someone to do a drawing of me for mine but I don’t know where to start. Yours looks amazing!


    • Thank you for sharing! I am glad you rekindled your blogging flame! Getting motivated to post frequently can be difficult but looking back on my blogging history helped me realize that what I am doing now makes me much happier. That is the whole goal of blogging anyways! To make you happy!


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