Time Traveling Tuesday: Buying My First DSLR

Hello Beautiful!

I began my journey into photography as anyone might. I used point and shoot cameras ALL the time. I really enjoyed capturing the world around me and loved being able to look back at the photos later.

After I graduated from college, and had more free time, I started getting into film cameras. It was innocent enough at first. A cute little camera here, a camera given to me as a gift there, and before I knew it I had 20+ cameras. I love the mystery of film. You don’t know what you captured until you get it developed! I found some cute little cameras that were digital but had the same type of vignetting affect you get from film. For a while I used those a lot and brought my Holga with me everywhere.


I love going around town with my Minolta SLR and taking photos but knew I needed to get a DSLR because I was taking blogging more seriously and wanted to have quality photos to share. That is when my research began.

I had no idea what I was looking for. I mainly focused on getting a Nikon or Canon but I had no idea which was best or what I needed. I researched for maybe six months and finally settled on the Canon Rebel T4i. It wasn’t too complicated and would take better photos than I was currently taking. So I made the decision and took the plunge.

I found a great deal at Glazer’s, a local camera store in Seattle, and made my first ever really large purchase. It was pretty scary! I mean, what if this wasn’t the camera for me?! AHH! The stress of it.


It ended up being the perfect camera and I absolutely LOVE it! Most of my photos on my blog are taken with it and it is really easy to take with me around town. I also purchased a 50mm lens which is my ABSOLUTE favorite lens! It is light, easy to use, and takes great photos!!

me and my camera

I can honestly say that I made the right choice when it comes to my DSLR. It is like a baby to me now and I can’t imagine my life without it!

Do you have any items that you can’t imagine living without?



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