Time Traveling Tuesday: My Visit to the Anne Frank House

I spent my twenty-first birthday in Amsterdam. No, it wasn’t a crazy and wild time. I didn’t care about the partying. I wanted to see the historical aspect of Amsterdam. I wanted to drink in the culture.


The absolute highlight of that trip was my visit to the Anne Frank House. I saw the actual house that hid the Frank family during World War II. It was incredible.

Anne Frank Huis

In the bedroom that Anne and her sister, Margot, shared remain photos from Anne’s attempt at making the place they hid in a home. You can feel the fear in those walls. It is a sobering reminder of the horrifying events that occurred there.

Anne Frank house

This one day in Amsterdam was the highlight of my trip because I learned more about an event that has historical importance. I had read Anne’s diary in school but seeing this place in person was eye opening.

For me it is a humbling reminder of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Anne Frank wrote in her diary to keep a record of what happened.  Her words have been read by students all over the world and her story continues to live on.

be happy

She had every reason to be sad and angry at the world but she instead focused on the good. I hope I can be more like this little girl with my life. Now I will leave you with some inspiring words from this brave young woman.

“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank

Keep dreaming.



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