Time Traveling Tuesday: That Time I Saw Hadouken! Live

Ever since I was a wee little one I wanted to travel. I grew up in Alaska and desperately wanted to get out. Don’t get me wrong. Alaska is beautiful. I just wanted to see more. I wanted to experience different cultures and go to concerts!

In high school I fell in love with the band Hadouken! I have no idea how to explain their music so I will just include a video.

There you go. This is my favorite song by them.

Anyway, one of the reasons I wanted to travel to London was the music. I found a ton of bands I really enjoyed and I wanted to dive into that scene. It was different to what I was used to. That is why when I went to London I searched for new music and attended concerts. I saw General Fiasco, Frightened Rabbit, the Midnight Beast, and Hadouken!


At Hadouken! I danced my butt off! I completely let loose of any inhibitions and really let myself feel the music. It was freeing. I had been listening to this band for years and couldn’t believe I actually was there listening to them live and dancing with my dear friend, Steph.

It was an amazing time. I will forever hold it in my heart as one of the highlights to my trip.



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