Wedding Planning Updates!

Hello Sugarplums!

I want to share a bit about my wedding planning so far. Fletch and I have gotten quiet a bit done! We are trying to get little by little done whenever we can so the costs and the stress doesn’t add up. We want this to be a fun experience for the two of us and by doing it a little at a time it is taking the stress off.

photo 1

People keep telling me I have a lot done but I feel like I have nothing done! I am a worrier sometimes and I keep getting the feeling like I am forgetting something. Luckily we still have five months to get it all done! We will get there!

This is what we have done so far.

  • The venue is booked.
  • Our caterer is booked.
  • We put a deposit on the cake & cupcakes. It is going to be delicious!
  • I almost have everything for the centerpieces.
  • I have my bridal party gifts almost done.
  • We sent the save the dates out!
  • We have the invites are all printed.
  • We bought the cups for the wedding along with all of the cute accessories for them (cups= mason jars & cute paper straws).
  • My custom engagement ring is almost done!

I am really excited about the ring being almost done and I can’t wait to try it on!! I think it perfectly represents my style and it will be a wonderful symbol of our love.

Here is a rendering of what the ring will look like once complete. The only difference is that it will be in white gold instead of yellow.
engagement ring!

I local shop, Tacoma Custom Jewelers, is making this beautiful piece for me! It should be done soon and I am very excited about it!!

A few of my friends and I recently went to Seattle to look for dresses. We had an amazing time looking at dresses and chatting about the wedding.

We stopped to grab lunch at a local place and it was delicious!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Our dessert was also very yummy!!


We are five months away and it feels like time is passing too quickly!! Fletch and I are so excited to be getting married and to be sharing our big day with our friends and family.

Do you have any planning tips for me? Any help would be great!



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