Time Traveling Tuesday: My Trip to Rome

I lived and studied in London for five months while in college. It was incredible. While there I had the opportunity to travel around and one place I couldn’t miss was Rome.


I adore the history and all of the beautiful old buildings. It was like stepping into a movie. The whole city is gorgeous. My mouth dropped as we rode through the city in the back of a taxi. I was in awe of the beauty that surrounded me.

While in Rome we stayed at a cute little hostel. A sweet, older man owned the establishment. Upon our arrival he greeted us with a big smile, a warm welcome, and tips for seeing the city. He pulled out a map and showed us where to go and when and how to fully enjoy the town. Every morning we enjoyed breakfast at the hostel; cornettos and cappuccinos made by the owner. He made us feel like family.

Our evenings were spent with the evening front desk worker. We sat in the backyard, under the stars, and enjoyed each other’s company (and a few bottles of wine). It was amazing.
This was the backyard.


Beautiful, isn’t it? I would love to travel again and visit new places. Fletch and I hope to save up enough to travel for our honeymoon. If we were to travel for our honeymoon I think we would have to go to Paris. How romantic would that be?

What is your favorite place to visit?



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