Time Traveling Tuesday: My Birthday!

Hello Lovelies,

Today is my 25th birthday and I wanted to look back at how I spent my birthday throughout the years. Lets travel back in time.

When I was much younger I would have birthday parties at my house and invite pretty much everyone. We had a large house and my mom was a professional clown so she had a hookup when it came to getting fun stuff. In elementary school we had games, a popcorn machine, and cotton candy maker. One year we had pony rides. It was crazy. In middle school and high school I had a DJ. My parties were pretty popular and a lot of fun.


As I got older it became harder and harder to get people together.

My 20th birthday was spent at dinner with friends. It was wonderful having so many people come together to celebrate my birthday. I really enjoyed their company!

20th birthday with friends

My 21st birthday was spent in London! A couple of friends and I went out for drinks at one of our favorite places. It wasn’t as special just because the legal drinking age over there is 18 and I was able to drink for months before. Either way it was wonderful spending time with friends.

21st birthday

My 22nd birthday was spent with my brother and Fletch at the Hellogoodbye concert. I absolutely loved this band in high school and didn’t want to miss the chance to see them.

22nd Birthday

When we were in the bar getting a beer I noticed Forest from the band. It took me 10 minutes to muster up the courage to say hello but I finally did and got this photo!

22nd Birthday at Hellogoodbye

Yeah I was hoping for a cute photo but that did not happen. My face looks confused because I was.

My 23rd birthday was spent at a bar with friends. It seems to be the easiest way to get a ton of people together. I had a great time chatting with friends and enjoying their company.

23rd birthday

My 24th birthday was spent at my favorite bar, The Swiss. They have live music and yummy food! We danced, drank, and ate. Talk about a good time!!

24th birthday

With all of that said I hope to have a great birthday this year with my friends. I am so thankful for all of them. They are all truly special people.

Here is what I ask of you today. My call to action, if you will. As a gift to me please go out and do something kind for someone. Spread some love and joy around in the world.

Here are a few ideas:
Buy someone’s coffee
Compliment someone
Leave a sweet note for a stranger on a bathroom mirror
Help someone across the street
Be extra friendly towards those working in retail

We live in a world full of darkness and chaos but it is also a world that is filled with light and beauty. Why not be someone else’s light?

Thank you all and have a wonderful day!!

P.S. tell me about your act of kindness! It would make my birthday!



14 thoughts on “Time Traveling Tuesday: My Birthday!

  1. Happy, happy birthday Hilary!!!!! ❤ I hope your day was amazing just like you are!!! ❤ In honor of your act of kindness request, I was super kind to the staff at my grocery store and asked them about their day =) My one friend in particular that I always see since she sells the lotto seemed to not be having a nice day. I asked her if she was okay and told her that I hope her day gets better =) I hope her day got better!!!

    I hope your bday was great! Also, did you watch PLL tonight???! Let's dish about it!!


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