Time Traveling Tuesday: Hever Castle and the Gift Shop Necklace

In college I LOVED the show Ugly BettyI thought it was funny, quirky, and very entertaining. I have every season on DVD and a book that takes a behind the scenes look at the show. Yup. I am that cool. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because it explains why I was so excited when I visited the gift shop at Hever Castle in England.

I was studying in London and trying to see as much as humanly possible while there. My awesome friend and travel buddy, Chelsea, asked me if I wanted to visit the Hever Castle. I had no clue what it was but I figured, a cool castle? Why not! So, I said yes. I learned that Hever Castle was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. It was beautiful and completely worth the adventure.

chelsea and hil

On a side note the night before I had gone out to a bar with a friend and kind of overslept the next morning. I had to brush my teeth while my friend, Steph, curled my hair and helped fix my makeup. I had to run to the station to  make the train. As you will see from my photos I didn’t look too shabby!!


Back to the story. After touring the gardens and the castle we stopped in at the gift shop. *Side note: They wouldn’t let us take photos inside of the castle so all of my photos are from the walk there, the gardens, and the walk home.

avoiding mud

We took a scenic route to the castle and had to avoid a lot of mud.

In the gift shop they had their typical items like postcards, posters, and overpriced jewelry. In the overpriced jewelry section I found something I never expected. The same necklace Betty, the main character from Ugly Betty, always wore on the show!! I squealed!! I then learned that the necklace was a replica of a necklace that Anne Boleyn would wear. This shows how much I know about history. My bad!


Anyways, you can see the joy in my face at finding this necklace. I did not purchase it because no where in my name is there a “B” and I felt it would be silly. So, I now have the memory of this fun filled day with a great friend and a few photos to remember that joy. Luckily that is all I need.



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