The “F” Word

I love the “F” word. I think it is beautiful, empowering, and something to be embraced. The “F” word I am talking about is feminist, of course. My name is Hilary and I am coming out as a feminist.

Take Back The Night

In college I was involved in my school’s Women’s Center. I helped plan two Take Back the Night events, organize Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I helped plan other events around the campus.

I believe that we should all be treated equally regardless of gender. Feminism is defined as, “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities,” according to Merriam-Webster. Not too shabby, right?

Being a feminist doesn’t mean you hate men. It simply means that we should all be considered as equal.

With that said I would like to share a song list. This list includes music that makes me feel empowered and strong. The type of music that makes me feel like I could do anything.

So here goes.

Mindy Gledhill “Whole Wide World”
Lily Allen “Hard Out Here” (WARNING: this one has some cursing and is satire so.. be warned)
Destiny’s Child “Independent Women”
India.Arie “Video”
Veruca Salt “Volcano Girls”
Tupac “Keep Ya Head Up” (Not super sure if Tupac is a feminist or a good role model but I enjoy this specific song)
Lady Gaga “Born This Way”
Marina & The Diamonds “Oh No”
Sara Bareilles “Brave”
Miasha “Everybody’s Beautiful”

Now go forth and dance your heart out! Whether you consider yourself a feminist or not. Just dance!



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