365 Project: Days 361, 362, 363, 364, & 365

January 27th, Day 361:

Day 361 Jan 27

As an early birthday surprise Fletch bought us Comicon tickets!!!
He told me that he bought them because he knew I would probably go buy them myself.
It is good that he told me because I was going to surprise him for Valentine’s Day.
Now I have to come up with a new gift idea but either way I am completely excited to be attending Emerald City Comicon this year!
Want to know why? Karen Gillan, the marvelous Amy Pond from Doctor Who, will be there to take a photo with!!!
I am so freaking excited!!
Anyways, this is the best present he could have gotten me.
He is truly the sweetest.

January 28th, Day 362:

Day 362 Jan 28

You may know from a few previous posts, like this one and this one, that Fletch and I are busy planning our wedding.
Man does it take a lot of work!!
Anyways, we went to talk with a custom jeweler and decided to go forward with making a custom ring for me!
I am beyond the moon and so excited to have this little piece of jewelry to represent our love. To get the ball rolling I bought the diamond and the next step will be deciding on the method of making the ring. From there it gets made, they place the diamond and it is all mine!
I am so excited!

January 29th, Day 363:

Day 363 Jan 29

I’ve shared my little DIY garland before but I just love it and had to share again.
Always love. A simple sentiment yet a beautiful one.
I really enjoy taking photos in front of it and sharing this little piece of of personality with others.
It is one of my favorite parts of the apartment!

January 30th, Day 364:

Day 364 Jan 30

I found a store on Etsy that was selling very simple, beautiful 14k gold bands for only $39!
I jumped at the opportunity for a new piece to add to my jewelry collection so, I bought one!
I finally got it in the mail and I could not be happier!
The ring is gorgeous and it came in an adorable little box with a personalized card!
I love when stores do this.
It really makes the piece special.

January 31st, Day 365:

Day 365 Jan 31

In no way is this an exceptional photo.
It is alright but it won’t win an award.
I am finishing my 365 Project off with this photo for many reasons.
I think that the message of capturing the awesomeness in everything is a great way to end this year end project.
I set out to improve my photography skills and to train myself to see the beauty in the little things in life.
I would like to think that I succeeded in both respects.
I am a happier person because of this project and I have developed a hobby that I absolutely love.
If you are even thinking about doing a 365 Project I urge you to.
It will open your eyes to a new world and help you develop as a person.
I will continue to take photos and attempt to take them everyday.
Have a wonderful day!



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