Pin of the Week: DIY Painted Mason Jars

Hello Lovelies!
Today I am sharing a DIY painted mason jar pin I found.

DIY Painted Mason Jars

The pin is named DIY Distressed Chalkboard Mason Jars and was on the blog Something Turquoise.
I deviated from the original pin a bit because I mostly just wanted to make a pretty jar.
It was super simple and I love the result!
Here goes!
What I used:
paint brush from Michaels
Martha Stewart paint
Kerr mason jar

Step One:
Put something down before you get started. It is easy to make a mess and you do not want to accidentally paint your table!


Step Two:
Get painting! I held the mason jar in my hand while painting the first coat so I could make sure I got the top rim of the jar. Once you painted it all let it dry!! Set it down on whatever you are using to prevent mess, I used a grocery bag, and walk away. I waited until it was mostly dry which was about 25-30 minutes.

First Coat

Step Three:
Put a second coat on! Paint all over the jar and again, let it dry. This time I waited about 24 hours to ensure that it was completely dry.


Step Four:
Enjoy!! Isn’t that just adorable? I am debating if I want to decorate more for the wedding.
Wouldn’t they be cute all around the reception with flowers?
We will see!

looking good



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