Our First Caterer Tasting!

Hello Lovelies!
As you may know Fletch and I are busy planning our wedding.
We are seven months out and I am happy to say that we have most of the big stuff handled!
Last night we booked our caterer and I am so happy to have that done with!
Fletch and I left work early in the hope that we would make it to our appointment in Snohomish on time.
Thanks to traffic we were 30 minutes late.
The drive there was stressful because I don’t handle being late well. The drive really took some of the fun out of the night. We walked up to the restaurant and I felt immediately better.
The restaurant was very warm and inviting. The staff was friendly and accommodating.
I want to go to more tastings like this one!
Seriously. It was incredible.
Sandra, our host, brought us yummy drinks to start.

strawberry lemonade

This strawberry lemonade was delicious! I don’t even like lemonade but I couldn’t get enough of it!
Next was the food. Sandra brought us one of everything on the menu.
It was a little overwhelming.

yummy food

The food just kept coming and coming.
Everything was yummy and making our final choices was a little difficult.
Overall it was an amazing experience and I am really glad we did it!
We booked them and I am so excited to share their delicious food with everyone at the wedding!!
They even let us take left overs!!

Cabbage Patch left overs

If you live in Washington and need a caterer, I highly recommend the Cabbage Patch Restaurant!
Click the image below for their site!

The Cabbage Patch

Thank you all for sharing in the joys and stresses of wedding planning! If there is anything you want to hear about specifically please let me know!



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