Pin of the Week: DIY Wedding Bunting

Hello Lovelies!
Today I would like to share this DIY bunting I made for my wedding! I found different tips online and combined them into this!

Here is what you will need:
Fabric (I purchased a yard of each color so I could make a ton.)
Sewing Machine
Alto QuiltCut
Rotary cutter

First off, choose fabric that you love!
I chose a few fabrics that I enjoyed and got started.


I laid my fabric out and began cutting.
The size is completely up to you but I made mine 8 inches tall.
I am not sure what the exact angle is but, according to this ruler thing my mom had, I used angle “c”.
The fabric was folded so I could cut two triangles at a time.
I cut and cut until I used up all of the fabric.

My mom helped a lot.


I ended up with a ton of triangles.
Next step, I pinned the triangles onto some ribbon I purchased from Michaels. I left 13inches on both ends of the ribbon to make it easier to hang later.


Lastly, sew the triangles onto the ribbon.
I do not have a sewing machine so my mom had to do this step for me.
Thanks, mom!


DIY Bunting

You are done!!
I am excited to put these up all around the wedding venue on our big day!

Do you have a helpful DIY tip for me? Tell me about it!
If you like this make sure you pin it for yourself!



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