365 Project – Days 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, & 338

December 30th, Day 333:

Day 333 Dec 30

This is what my weekends look like lately.
I feel very lucky.

December 31st, Day 334:

Day 334 Dec 31

I finally found Christmas crackers that I used for New Year’s Eve!!
It is a tradition that is typically practiced in the United Kingdom where two people pull on the cracker to reveal the prize. Anyways I have been trying to find these things in the state and finally did!
As you can tell I was pretty excited!!

January 1st, Day 335:

Day 335 Jan 1

This is Stadium High School. If it looks familiar it is because it was featured in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. I love this school and always enjoy walking by.
Don’t you wish you went here?

January 2nd, Day 336:

Day 336 Jan 2

I am so thankful to work for such an amazing company and to have wonderful co-workers.
My boss wanted to show his appreciation for all of our handwork so he invited my department over for dinner!
Little did we know that it would be a complete seafood feast!
I ate better than I have in a long time!! It was amazing.

January 3rd, Day 337:

Day 337 Jan 3

This is what my wedding planning looks like.
I spent the evening researching and planning.
Doesn’t this look exciting?

January 4th, Day 338:

Day 338 Jan 4

I spent the day going around Tacoma taking photos with my dear friend, Justin.
It was wonderful being outside and enjoying my surroundings.
I am very appreciative to be able to take the time to do things I love.


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