My Favorite Memories From 2013

This past year was wonderful! As I sit here thinking back on the past year I feel thankful.
So much has happened and I am grateful for every moment.
I shared coffee with friends, snapped photos of people doing things they love, and  spent time with the people I care about. I could not be happier.
I look forward to the new year and all that it will bring.
Here are a few of my favorite moments from this past year.

Day 92 May 3

I got a new job.

Day 241 Sept 29

I invested more time into blogging.

Day 150 June 30

I saved up for a DSLR camera and worked on improving my photography skills.

Day 127 June 7

Made new friends.


and, on top of all that, Fletch proposed!!

Day 219 Sept 7

Becky and I had a lovely ladies night in!

Day 213 Sept 1

Nicole and I walked around Tacoma together.


I hosted my first giveaway!

Day 193 Aug 12

Amanda visited us from Spokane and we ate at Shake Shake Shake! Delicious!


Fletch and I went to Portland for my birthday!

060113 Hil, Gia, Fletch & Lily

My niece, Gia, came to visit!

060113 Jess

I helped Jessica celebrate her birthday.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!



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