Time Traveling Tuesday: A Fond Christmas Memory


I have always loved Christmas. The food, the quality time with family, and as a youngster, I loved the presents.
My parents always made sure I got exactly what I wanted. They always took care of us kids.
I am very fortunate to have such loving and caring parents.
I was five years old on this particular Christmas morning. I had been awake downstairs in my room most of the night trying to get to sleep.
I was too excited to sleep!
My parents told me that I had to wait until four in the morning for presents. I would go around to all of the bedrooms to wake all of my brothers up.
It was dark in the house as I crept up the stairs, towards the tree.
I saw a little box moving on the outskirts of the tree.
What could this be!!
As I walked closer the tension grew.
I was just about to open the box when a small little head popped out.
It was an adorable white puppy peeking out to greet me.
I named the little one Snowball and loved her instantly.
Well, that is until she started eating everything, scratching holes in the wall, and peeing on everything.
We quickly fell out of love with the little furr-ball. We decided to find her a good family and send her on her way.
While the puppy may not have been a good fit for us I will always remember the Christmas morning I came up the stairs to find a puppy.
It is that joy and surprise I try to give to others when I find that perfect gift.
I will hold that memory with me forever.

What is your fondest Christmas memory?



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