365 Project – Days 318, 319, 320, 321, & 322

My 365 photos are focus around the holiday season this week.
You have been warned!

December 15th, Day 318:

Day 318 Dec 15

This was the first house on my street to put up lights and I love it!
There is something about nicely placed lights on a house that really gets me in the holiday mood.
When I own a house I will decorate the crap out of it!

December 16th, Day 319:

Day 319 Dec 16

Fletch and I live in a pretty small one bedroom apartment which means we have limited space.
We utilized the free area that we had and decorated for Christmas.
Everyone, meet Charlie the little Christmas tree!
Fletch rescued him from the trash before we met and we have been using him to spread holiday cheer ever since.
How do you decorate?

December 17th, Day 320:

Day 320 Dec 17

As an early Christmas present I bought the girls in my department matching coffee sleeves.
My hand as the star tattoo.
Pretty snazzy, right?

December 18th, Day 321:

Day 321 Dec 18

Today at work we had a potluck. The girls and I decided to exchange gifts early and it was wonderful!
Sara and Becky are absolutely amazing and I am so thankful to have them as friends and co-workers.

December 19th, Day 322:

Day 322 Dec 19

Today I decided to treat myself to some delicious teriyaki.
My fortune cookie had this beautiful sentiment in it.
Thank you my little bundle of sunshine!



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