Time Traveling Tuesday: The Night I met Hoodie Allen

When I found out that Hoodie Allen was coming to the Crocodile in Seattle I freaked out!
I was so excited!!
Hoodie Allen is an independent rapper out of New York.
He is pretty great and puts on a great show.
The day of the concert my friends and I arrived at the venue a tad bit before the doors opened.
There was a huge line of under 21 year olds lined up around the block.
Luckily for us we were all of age and walked right past and into the bar.
We found a table quickly and decided to grab some food and drinks before the show.
It was happy hour so we ordered a few $5 pizzas and a $4 pitcher of beer.
We had a great time sitting there drinking and watching the 90s rap videos play on the bar TV.
I hadn’t seen the music video for Purple Stuff by Big Moe in forever!
This went on for a while, more pizza and beer while providing commentary on the music videos, until it was finally time for the show to start!
The opening act started and Fletch and my friend, Nicole, left to check out the show while Justin, Corey, and myself hung in the bar.
I was hoping that Hoodie would walk through the bar so I could meet him.
After no luck I decided to go over to the concert area with Fletch and Nicole.
I told Justin that if he saw Hoodie he had to text me immediately.
Guess who walked through the bar right after I left?
Hoodie Allen!
I quickly ran back over to the bar for my chance encounter.
I waited, looking back in forth through the bar.
Then, he came through a side door.
As he walked closer I said, “Hoodie!!!”
I didn’t care if I looked crazy because I was going to meet him!
He came over to the table and said he was heading to the stage.
I pleaded, “Please can we get a photo!!”
He agreed and Corey snapped this photo of Justin and I with Hoodie Allen.


After Hoodie rushed off to the backstage Corey realized he didn’t get a photo and loudly said, “DANGIT!!!”
It was hilarious.
Anyway, the show was incredible and I probably lost around five pounds from all the dancing.
It was one of the best shows I have ever been to.

Have you been to a show that was memorable?
Tell me about it!




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