Time Traveling Tuesday: The Day a Woman Stole My Coffee

Hil & Chels

It was April 2010 and I was on a trip around Ireland with my wonderful friend, Chelsea.
We were leaving Galway, heading to Dublin and were extremely excited to grab a coffee at a coffee shop just outside of security at the train station.
We just happened to stop there on our way to Galway and LOVED the coffee. It was rich, creamy, and absolutely delicious.
So, our train pulls up and we were extremely excited to get some yummy coffee.
We headed to the coffee shop and patiently waited in the queue. I ordered my white mocha and stood to the side, anxiously waiting for my coffee. I waited as the people ahead of me received their drinks. I heard my order called and began to step forward to take up the deliciousness.
Then, out of nowhere, an older woman steps forward and takes my white mocha!
At first I thought well maybe we both ordered a white mocha. I mean, I didn’t see her in line but hey, who knows.
Next up was a mocha which was Chelsea’s order. There is no way that woman ordered a white mocha before me!!
This sweet, older lady just took my drink! What do you do in that situation? I didn’t want to approach the lady. She had walked away with her, I assumed, husband and was leaving.
I did the next logical thing. I told the barista that I was terribly sorry for the inconvenience but that the lady that is walking away actually walked away with my drink.
I asked, please, can I get a new one?
The barista was very sweet and made me a new white mocha to enjoy.
This memory isn’t anything big and didn’t result in some type of  epiphany but it was a sweet memory.
I had never had someone swipe my drink before. I thought it was hilarious!
These are the memories that I want to remember.
The little moments.


How do you keep track of your memories? Tell me about it!



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