365 Project – Days 297, 298, 299, 300, & 301

November 24th, Day 297:

Day 297 Nov 24

There is something calming about walking through the woods.
It was very chilly out so we didn’t stay for long. I enjoyed a coffee, as I often do, as we enjoyed our leisurely stroll.
It was the perfect way to spend a morning.

November 25th, Day 298:

Day 298 Nov 25

I came into work with this notes on my computer.
My dear friend, Becky, left me this sweet note on Friday because she wasn’t at work on Monday.
I am so thankful for her friendship.

November 26th, Day 299:

Day 299 Nov 26

I received my latest Modcloth purchase and I was very excited to wear it!
I had pretty much the best Tuesday ever!
I think it is my lucky dress.

November 27th, Day 300:

Day 300 Nov 27

Fletch and I love taking walks together. We ventured out into the neighborhood and found many adorable houses.
Lily had a great time running through the leaves while Fletch and I imagined which homes we would live in.
I love this time with my family.

November 28th, Day 301:

Day 301 Nov 28

Fletch and I celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time on our own.
It was wonderful!
We made Shepard’s pie, carrots, broccoli, and rolls.
It was a lovely meal and I had a great time cooking with Fletch.



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