365 Project – Days 284, 285, 286, 287, & 288

November 11th, Day 284:

Day 284 Nov 11

I am a sucker for a good deal! Recently Photojojo, one of my favorite online shops, had a deal for $5 off on an order of $20 or more. I had to use it! So, I bought this. An adorable DSLR USB drive. Cute, right? I am very excited to get out there and use it!

November 12th, Day 285:

Day 285 Nov 12

Fletch and I absolutely adore superhero movies!
For our two year anniversary we accidentally bought each other Thor helmets.
It was pretty epic.
With this knowledge you can imagine that we were very excited to see the new Thor movie!
It was a wonderful date night!! We don’t get out much during the week because we don’t want to leave our puppy home alone for too long so this was a special treat for us. Fletch spent his lunch with our dog so we could go out that night. I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful partner!

November 13th, Day 286:

Day 286 Nov 13

I was really digging my outfit for today.
I wore my new necklace from Charming Charlie with my dress from Forever 21. It has a peter pan collar so I wore the necklace underneath. I was feeling very fashion forward.

November 14th, Day 287:

Day 287 Nov 14

When walking around my neighborhood, as I often do, I found this little doorway.
It was hidden down an alleyway and surrounded by these overgrown plants.
What does it lead to? It makes me think of the Secret Garden.
I wonder if there is a beautiful yard back there. Maybe there is a little pond with a bench near it.
Sounds magical.

November 15th, Day 288:

Day 288 Nov 15


On another walk in my neighborhood and I thought I would share this cute little house.
I love it!
The bricks, the design of the house, it is so cute!
I hope to one day live in a beautiful house like this.



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