Pin of the Week: Braided Bracelet!

I had a great time sharing the pin I found on making the flower crown so I thought I should share another DIY pin that I tried!
I found a pin that explains how to make a braided bead bracelet.
It is super easy and looks great once you are done!
I once bought a bracelet like this for $15 at Target.
Why buy it when you can make it!
It is a great present and I gave one away in my first giveaway!
Here is the bracelet I made!

Braided Bracelet

It is a simple braid and you add a bead every move over.
Like this!
Braided Bracelet how to

I bought a set of beads from Michael’s and used the entire pack to make this bracelet.
I used waxed cord that is .5mm thick.
I chose purple because it is one of my favorite colors.
Good enough reason, right?
I left some extra string on both ends so I could finish it with a sliding knot clasp.
Braided Bracelet Knot This is what I ended with.
Here is a video tutorial I used for learning how to do a sliding knot clasp.
I hope you enjoy this pin and try it out for yourself!
Let me know how it works out!



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