365 Project – Days 277, 278, 279, & 280

November 4th, Day 277:

Day 277 Nov 4

My life now consists of work, blogging and wedding planning!!
I am very excited to be planning our wedding and I look forward to sharing that experience with you!

November 5th, Day 278:

Day 278 Nov 5

Do you get it?
Dumble door!
We thought it would be fun to lighten up the office by putting this little sign on the door.
What do you think?

November 6th, Day 279:

Day 279 Nov 6

How cute is this cup?
I found it at Target and I think I may go back to grab it this weekend.
It is decided.

November 7th, Day 280:

Day 280 Nov 7

Happy Thursday!
Today our co-worker brought over a blazer she said we could have.
We all tried it on and were amazing to see that it fits us all!
We are the sisterhood of the traveling blazers!
Except we don’t travel or have adventures in it.
We just sit at our desks and work and maybe wear it to a meeting or two.
Work life!
How thrilling!



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