365 Project- Days 262, 263, 264, 265, 266, 267, & 268

October 20th, Day 262:

Day 262 Oct 20

Like everyone else I am sometimes guilty of taking selfies.
I usually try to get Fletch to take a photo but on this occasion he was at work.
So, I took matters into my own hands.
What was special about this lazy Sunday?
Well, I spent the morning treating myself to a little self-pampering.
I did a face mask and I tinted my own eyebrows.
They are looking pretty snazzy, right?
I love weekends like this where I really take the time to care for myself.
What do you do to spoil yourself?

October 21st, Day 263:

Day 263 Oct 21

I know.
I share a TON of photos of my dog.
Today I have a really good reason to though!
My poor little puppy hasn’t been feeling well.
If you have a pet then you understand how stressful it can be when they don’t eat.
I have been worrying about her for the past week!
Luckily she is starting to feel better!
Today she ate all on her own and played for a while.
I am so relieved my little furr-baby is feeling better!

October 22nd, Day 264:

Day 264 Oct 22

I love the way the sky looks just as it gets dark.
Fletch and I had stopped at the store to grab a few groceries and we came out to this.
A beautiful tree with a lovely sky.
I love that I can see the sunset everyday during the winter time.

October 23rd, Day 265:

Day 265 Oct 23

I saw the day waving goodbye as the night said hello.
Just another beautiful moment in life!!

October 24th, Day 266:

Day 266 Oct 24

What a lovely house!
I enjoy the placement of the bushes throughout the yard.
When I get a house I want to have a sweet little tree in front of it too.
One day I will have my dream home.
For now, I will continue to see what I like about other homes and take notes!
I love dreaming about the future.

October 25th, Day 267:

Day 267 Oct 25

Walkies with the pup!
The leaves are falling to the ground and Lily is chasing the leaves in the wind!
It is very adorable.
I am so thankful for the time I get to spend with my puppy.
We hang out at the apartment, she chases her ball around our coffee table, and we go on nice long walks!
I couldn’t ask for more on my weekends.

October 26th, Day 268:

Day 268 Oct 26

Here is my super nerdy costume!
I am the 11th doctor from Doctor Who!!
I absolutely love  my costume and I’m glad I get to share it with you!
Fletch and I were both Doctor Who themed characters and we had a wonderful time celebrating Halloween!
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?



4 thoughts on “365 Project- Days 262, 263, 264, 265, 266, 267, & 268

  1. I love all your photos!!! ❤ That house and their landscaping around the stairs is just so beautiful, it is definitely a dream house! Omg, my husband LOVES Doctor Who and he is anxiously awaiting the new doctor, I bet you are too! I did get to dress up for Halloween as Katy Perry from her Roar video =) I just loved her look and took the chance to DIY my costume this year.


    • Thanks Christina!! That house is adorable and there are a ton more in my neighborhood!! It makes me look forward to finding a home in the future. I am SO excited about the upcoming Doctor Who episodes and I CANNOT wait!!! I am glad your husband has good taste!! You should start watching too! It is best to start at the beginning of the latest episodes. I saw your costume and it was great!! It looked just like her video!! Super cute!


  2. So enjoy the simplicity, yet richness, of your moments! You REALLY know how to embrace life and stay tied in to what brings happiness! Happiness = Hilary!!


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