Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: Lomography

Today I thought I would discuss one of my favorite things.
Lomography photography!

Time Magazine Camera
I absolutely love the effects you get from analog photography.
Here is the history of lomography, as stated by

It began with a fateful encounter in the early 1990s, when a group of students in Vienna, Austria, stumbled upon the Lomo Kompakt Automat – a small, enigmatic Russian camera. Mindlessly taking shots from the hip, and sometimes looking through the viewfinder, they were astounded with the mindblowing photos that it produced – the colours were vibrant, with deep saturation and vignettes that framed the shot – it was nothing like they had seen before! Upon returning home, friends wanted their own Lomo LC-A, igniting a new style of artistic experimental photography that we now know as Lomography!

Interested in getting started?
Check out the Golden Rules of lomography on my previous post here!

Here are a few of my favorite lomography cameras:

Holga 135BC

Holga 135BC

Day 37 March 9

Photo taken with Holga 135BC

Diana Mini

Diana Mini

I hope you enjoyed our brief adventure into lomography photography!!



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