Cutie Cameras’s Choice Cuts: Harold and Maude

Today I want to share the movie Harold and Maude.

I will warn you.
This movie is crazy, disturbing, and all around wonderful.
It describes the relationship between a young man, Harold, and an older woman, Maude.
Harold is constantly faking his own death to attract attention.
Maude distracts him from his obsession with death and teaches him to live.
Their relationship is certainly not conventional but their love breathes new life into Harold.
He was just a teenager but, because of Maude, he learns lessons about life that completely alter his perspective.
If you can look past their age gap you will see this movie for what it truly is.
An amazing movie.



3 thoughts on “Cutie Cameras’s Choice Cuts: Harold and Maude

  1. That’s so funny. i saw this movie back when i was in college (yes, they had movies way back then). I had the same reaction – funny, disturbing, thought provoking and delightful all at once.


  2. I never would have seen this movie if it weren’t for you! If I had seen it first I probably would have been scared to have you watch it. I love how you continue to surprise me. We will have to watch this again somewhere besides half in an airport and half at your folks house on your laptop–add it to the list. Good memory though.


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