365 Project – Days 252, 253, & 254

October 10th, Day 252:

Day 252 Oct 10

Walking around my beautiful neighborhood and once again I found something interesting.
I found this run down fence and shed nestled in someone’s backyard.
From this view you may think that this house is in ruins.
On the contrary.
This house is beautiful.
The front of the house has a historical feel and the back porch area features windows in place of walls.
I took a photo of the run down backyard because I think it speaks to the  human spirit.
Sometimes we put on a brave front even though we are run down and tired.
I like being reminded of this dynamic.
We are all fighting our own battles.
Remember that.

October 11th, Day 253:

Day 253 Oct 11

Talk about a fantastic Friday!
I have an amazing boss that wanted to celebrate my finish of our training event!
We had yummy coffee to get us through the day and I couldn’t be more happy!
I have a pretty amazing job.

October 12th, Day 254:

Day 254 Oct 12

Squirrels in a tree!
Aren’t they just adorable?
They were both carrying food back to their home.
It feels like fall to me!

October 13th, Day 255:

Day 255 Oct 13

How lovely are these trees?
Fall is definitely here!
The leafs are changing color and the air is brisk.
I find myself on this chilly October day thinking about life.
I recently learned that a friend from college passed away.
Loss has a way of putting things into perspective.
Suddenly, my concerns about my car seem trivial.
I want to live a better life in honor of my friend.
In honor of those that have come before me.
I hope to be more positive and understanding.
I want to do more with what little time I have left in this world.
I hope to encourage others to see their true potential and to continuously love and appreciate those around me.
I hope you have a wonderful day because today is truly beautiful.



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