365 Project- Days 209, 210, 211, 212, & 213

August 28th, Day 209:

Day 209 Aug 28

I have the best co-worker/friend ever!
I came back from a break to see this.
Becky left me a very kind note.
What a sweetie!
I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful person in my life.
She is always there for me when I am frustrated, hungry, or just need a hug.
I hope she knows how special she is!

August 29th, Day 210:

Day 210 Aug 29

Our story begins on Wednesday at around 2:30pm.
The heroes, Hilary and Becky, decide to embark on a journey.
An adventure, you will, that would bring them here.
Where this photo was taken.
The heroes wanted to ensure that their fearless leader had the best Thursday ever.
“What can we do to complete our task?” asked Becky.
“We must decorate her desk in the most awesome of decorations, EVER.” responded Hilary.
The two found the best signs they could on Pinterest and put all of the beautiful decorations together.
They chose a Beastie Boys sign and a Rihanna sign, due to their leader’s persistent singing of their songs.
Their journey had come to a roadblock.
They were both too small to reach to the heavens and hang the diamonds and signs.
What to do?
They asked their close friend, Bryan, from a distant land to assist them in their quest.
He was a giant among common men.
Bryan was able to hang the decorations and help these heroes finish their long and treacherous journey.
When the heroes had finished they were left with an amazing desk that would make even Darth Vader smile and have an amazing Thursday.
Just because.
Their mission was complete.

August 30th, Day 211:

Day 211 Aug 30 resized

I recently ordered some prints from Printic.
It is a site that prints your phone photos in Polaroid style!
Cute, right?
I am very happy with my order and will have to take more photos so I can order more!
What is your favorite iPhone photography app?

August 31st, Day 212:

Day 212 Aug 31

My dear friend, Meagan, recently came to visit and we went out for drinks.
We didn’t get crazy or anything but I did have a delicious drink!
Isn’t it adorable?
It tasted like apple juice!
I had never had anything like it!
Maybe I should try different drinks more often when I go out.

September 1st, Day 213:

Day 213 Sept 1

I had a lovely time with my friends Justin and Nicole.
We went around thrift store shopping and, obviously, posing for photos.
It was great getting all of us back together.
We all met in college and it was wonderful catching up.
I love weekends like this!



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